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Thelma the Unicorn: Movie Novelization

By Kate Howard

Paperback: pr7648983

Pub Date: May 2024

Aaron Blabey's hit picture book Thelma the Unicorn is now an animated movie on Netflix! Don't miss this junior novel that captures all of Thelma's hilarious hijinks.

Thelma the pony has an amazing singing voice and dreams of making it big, but who wants to pay attention to a little farm pony? If only she were a sparkly unicorn! With the help of a carrot and a glitter-filled moment of fate, her dream comes true. Thelma the Unicorn becomes an international sensation! But is fame all Thelma thought it would be?

This junior novel based on the Netflix movie includes an eight page full-colour insert!

Ages 7 to 10

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