Rebel Girl: My Life As a Feminist Punk by Kathleen Hanna

While male voices dominated the grunge movement of the 90s, it was far from the only scene happening in the Pacific Northwest. Kathleen Hanna, as front woman of Bikini Kill, became the unofficial leader of the Riot Grrrl movement: proto punk feminists with indominable DIY spirits determined to make their own way on their own terms, bringing “girls to the front.”

In short, conversational chapters, Hanna takes us through a disorderly childhood and formative college years to her first shows and life on the road, where Hanna spent more time counseling rape survivors than signing shirts and zines at the merch table. She builds friendships and working relationships with Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon and Joan Jett, while falling in love with Ad-Rock of The Beastie Boys, struggling to have a child, and eventually being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

For a book filled with harrowing tales, this is a surprisingly fun and inspiring read told with style, humour and grace. Something than won’t disappoint fans and likely to create many new ones.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7183308

Annie Bot: A Novel by Sierra Greer

The story of a autodidactic sexbot and the owner that bought her as a “perfect girlfriend” post-divorce.

A Dewey Diva pick, this novel has rave reviews from Library Journal and PW, for its intimate look at relationships and examination of humanity. Greer is a fairly subtle writer that avoids overdone tropes and doesn’t go down the easy paths presented by this material. Sex scenes are well written although they, and the whole book really, summon up a lot of cringe and discomfort for the male reader. This is a fun short read with a lot of substance behind it.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr7294580


1974: A Personal History by Francine Prose

Novelist, essayist and critic Francie Prose (The Vixen) pens a memoir of a memorable year in her life, when she lived (mostly) in San Francisco and began a relationship with Anthony Russo, one of the men behind the Pentagon Papers leak.

Prose is a master: one of those writers so quietly good with a sentence that readers just fall into the work, rather than notice the craft allowing them to. Brilliantly captures a time of great change, not only for the country at large but the writer herself.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7445005

All Fours by Miranda July

A fever dream novel of midlife self-discovery about a semi-famous artist whose cross country driving trip ends, geographically, half an hour from home, yet pushes so much further that.

Wildly entertaining while being shot through with serious themes, this is a book I started recommending to friends within the hour I started reading it. Hilarious, poignant, thoughtful, incendiary. From the author of The First Bad Man.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr7426813


Between Two Trailers: A Memoir by J. Dana Trent

Years before earning a divinity degree from Duke University, Dana Trent accompanied her schizophrenic father around rural Indiana selling drugs as a pre-schooler.

Life was lived in a squalid trailer, where her mentally ill mother stayed in bed watching Tammy Faye Bakker on The PTL Club. A “fresh start” with her mother means leaving family and friends behind for homelessness and bankruptcy in North Carolina.

While sensationalism along with comparisons to Educated and The Glass Castle will likely drive readership of this memoir, it’s the charm of Trent’s writing that made this appeal to me, not that I don’t enjoy stories of grit and hope as well.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7379842

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