Don't Trust the Cat by Kristen Tracy

If you think the premise of a little girl trading places with her cat is funny, I agree. Full disclosure, I AM a cat person. I will admit that some of the comedy in this book is arguably funnier for someone who appreciates cats more than dogs. Hey, if a dog person writes a switcheroo book about a little kid and their dog, I’ll read it! I’m in! My cat-bias won’t get in the way…

Anyway, the author 100% delivers on this hilarious premise. Poppy – having had a terrible day at school with her friends – wishes to trade places with her cat, Mitten Man. IT. WORKS! She immediately wants to switch back; but, the wish won’t reverse. At least she and Mitten Man can communicate. Mitten Man assures her he can handle “going to school.” Also, he says, he’ll fix things with her friends. Poppy is terrified her cat will “ruin her life” and - sure enough – he does.

As Poppy, he refuses to grovel to her friends, he pushes back at bullies, and his slinky spine and total lack of inhibitions lands Poppy a starring role in the school musical, instead of the chorus part, she and her friends had agreed to try out for. Mitten Man figures he’s doing pretty well, as Poppy. Sure he makes some unfortunate clothing choices and SCREAMS every time the bell rings, and he can’t do math, and isn’t interested anyway, and Poppy’s friends do pass many notes that he doesn’t read…

Suffice it to say I laughed out loud with every sitting of this book. I challenge any reader NOT to. There are lots of books that deal with issues, diversity, etc. that are important. This book does have important things to say about relationships. Mostly, though, it will make you laugh hard enough for the room to echo - or it did for me.

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