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Library Bound is Canada’s industry leader in supplying material to public libraries by Automatic Release Plans (ARPs). LBI was the first to create and name ARPs in 1993. Profiles are created on an individual basis by LBI’s Collection Development Specialists in consultation with the designated library staff members. We work closely with each library to customize plans to suit the specific needs of its community. LBI currently offer plans in more than 40 categories and can create a category specifically to suit the needs of the individual library. Plans can be structured around a list of popular authors, a list of preferred genres, or around any specific criteria that the library prefers. During this process, we establish budget allocation, branch distribution, selection exceptions and program monitoring parameters. Our goal is to provide current, quality material while adhering to the library’s budget and selection criteria.

Library Bound administers Best Seller plans to dozens of major Canadian library systems. We also offer plans in a wide variety of categories and media for children and adults, including Christian fiction, multilingual material, audio books, large print books, travel guides, automotive manuals, ESL material, study guides, language learning material, mass market paperbacks, western novels, personal finance books, comic anthologies, graphic novels, video games, music on CD, and both fiction and non-fiction DVDs and Blu-Rays (including a T.V. series ARP). LBI offers an extensive selection of French language material, and we are the industry leader in supplying multilingual and foreign language material to Canadian public libraries. 

Online management features ensure that budgets and fund accounting can be tracked on the LBI website, and brief MARC records are supplied to the Library for all ARP selections, allowing patrons to place holds in advance of the material’s arrival. LBI can also provide a branch distribution report to assist Library staff when unpacking an ARP shipment.

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