Owning Up: New Fiction by George Pelecanos

Four novellas set in and around Washington D.C. touching on issues of crime, race, violence and prejudice.

Pelecanos hasn’t published a book since 2018, having fallen “victim” to the golden handcuffs of success in television, as a writer for The Deuce, Treme and The Wire. It’s good to have him back; hopefully we’ll see a return to full length novels soon.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr7456352

A Map of the New Normal by Jeff Rubin

A convincing argument from the former CIBC World Markets chief economist that the sharp increase of inflation being experienced worldwide is just the beginning of domestic upheaval, energy scarcity, worsening environmental conditions and supply chain disruptions.

Rubin lays out, in a very accessible way, the ripple effects of sanctions that well meaning democratic governments put in place after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which have lead to a slew of consequences that have mostly missed their target. This is a difficult read, reminiscent of John Vaillant’s Fire Weather, that confronts us with difficult truths and will haunt the reader long after.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7426714

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