Rebel Girl: My Life As a Feminist Punk by Kathleen Hanna

While male voices dominated the grunge movement of the 90s, it was far from the only scene happening in the Pacific Northwest. Kathleen Hanna, as front woman of Bikini Kill, became the unofficial leader of the Riot Grrrl movement: proto punk feminists with indominable DIY spirits determined to make their own way on their own terms, bringing “girls to the front.”

In short, conversational chapters, Hanna takes us through a disorderly childhood and formative college years to her first shows and life on the road, where Hanna spent more time counseling rape survivors than signing shirts and zines at the merch table. She builds friendships and working relationships with Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon and Joan Jett, while falling in love with Ad-Rock of The Beastie Boys, struggling to have a child, and eventually being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

For a book filled with harrowing tales, this is a surprisingly fun and inspiring read told with style, humour and grace. Something than won’t disappoint fans and likely to create many new ones.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7183308

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