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Dogs on the Trail: A Year in the Life


by Blair Braverman

Hardcover: pr6277449

Nov 2021

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While the current heat wave may have made me forget what cold even feels like, Dogs on the Trail is a reminder of the snow to come. Admittedly, I’m not much of a winter person – an irony I am well aware of as a Canadian. So, why do I have my hands on the copy of this book, you may ask – especially when every other photo showcases some sort of wintery vista (from snow capped mountains to author Blair Braverman wrapped up in a parka). Aside from a recommendation from LBI’s print manager, Ron Stadnik, if it wasn’t obvious… this book is all about doggos! Alaskan huskies to be exact. It chronicles a year in the life of Braverman and her sled dogs as they prepare and train through the seasons.

Part of my inspiration for picking up this book is the arrival of the latest pack member to my own family – Spy, the Miniature Australian Shepherd. While we won’t be going sledding anytime soon, I can’t wait to hit the trails with her once she’s old enough. As you can see in the photo above, she’s got a bit of growing to do first…

Dogs on the Trail is a quick and easy read. A mere 140 pages and packed full of gorgeous and adorable photographs, you’ll be surprised how much work goes into caring for a pack of dogs. My favourite sections are the profiles of each pup (if you don’t fall in love with Grinch, then you’re a cold hearted monster). There’s plenty of content for newbies and veteran sledders alike - anything ranging from how to pack your sled to what to feed the dogs.

To those with Twitter, you’ll want to give @BlairBraverman a follow. Who doesn’t want to see sweet pupper pics?!

Side note, this was the first book I checked out from London Public Library, since moving to the city. Thank you to the staff at Cherryhill branch – you are lovely!

- Kate King | Children's & YA Selection Specialist

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