Running with Sherman: The Donkey with a Hear of a Hero by Christopher McDougall
A warm, feel good memoir about a rescue donkey and running, from the author of Born to Run.
A light hearted easy read for animal lovers and runners both, peopled with interesting characters from a variety of walks of life. Filled with humor and community, this is a welcome break from the misery memoirs that have dominated bestseller lists for years now.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr4173666

Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha
Steph Cha delivers a subtle and morally complex work of fiction based on the 1991 murder of a 15 year old black girl by a Korean store owner in Los Angeles, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served no jail time.
Most of the events in the novel take place between June and September 2019 and it sadly feels as though Cha is writing narrative non-fiction in real time. Mild spoiler alert: a riot breaking out in September 2019  feels more likely to happen than not. Cha is a quiet writer, so good at her craft that you might not even notice how good at times. An impressive work of fiction that courageously takes on race relations in America today.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr3313018

The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld
Denfeld’s follow-up to The Child Finder, which the NYT Book Review described as “Deliverance encased in ice.”
Naomi Cottle is a private investigator in the Pacific NW with a haunting backstory who specializes in finding missing children. Taking place in present day Portland, Oregon, Naomi’s search for her own missing sister brings her into contact with a group of homeless children, including 12 year old Celia, who disassociates from her painful reality by seeing butterflies all around her. While the search for her sister is paramount, Naomi finds herself drawn in to the tragedy of children’s bodies surfacing in the waters around Portland. I’d not read The Child Finder, and you needn’t for this book to make sense, but I’ll be reading it next. Denfeld is great at building suspense, evoking a sense of place, understanding the contradictions found within most people and adept at leaving out a lot of the ridiculous tropes all too common in most commercial thrillers.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr3313018

More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A Punk by John Doe
Picking up where Under the Big Black Sun left off, a look at the LA punk music scene is told by multiple voices and viewpoints, in short chapters and as oral history. The decline of the punk scene is chronicled, which could be summed up as hair bands winning the local civil war and taking over control of the Sunset Strip. The strength of this collection is the diversity of the voices having their say: along with musicians from the Go-Go’s, Bangles, Black Flag and Plimsouls, filmmaker Allison Anders, actor Tim Robbins, skateboarder Tony Hawk and artist Shepard Fairey all add their memories and perspectives. A fun, energetic read about a vital DIY cultural scene that thrived beneath the belly of the shiny Hollywood beast in another era.
Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr2756774

Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman
Another smart standalone novel from Lippman, this one set in 1966 Baltimore, where a woman who seems to have everything leaves her marriage of 20 years and tries to create a meaningful, passionate life for herself. As with her most recent novels – Sunburn and Wilde Lake – Lippman is a master at combining noir elements with psychological suspense, in books with the reading appeal of airport thrillers, with social and cultural commentary seamlessly woven in. They’re something like the literary equivalent of junk food that’s good for you – a seeming contradiction or impossibility that this author somehow manages ro pull off again and again.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr2752713

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