Pizzasaurus Rex by Justin Wagner and WArren Wucnich

Jeremy Duderman is the greatest scientist of his generation but really all he wants to be is totally rad.  In his quest for rad-ness Jeremy builds the Reality Alternative Dimensionator (R.A.D. for short) but instead of making him cool the machine ends up summoning Rex Raditude, the Pizzasaurus, to our dimension. Plus, like, an anti-rad army of zombies led by Emperor Buzzkill come along for the ride to ruin the fun.  Things are bleak and it’s up to Jeremy to help Rex save rad-ness from Buzzkill army.

Juvenile Paperback Graphic Novel pr2039001


Making Friends by Kristen Gudsnuk

Transferring to middle school is hard enough but Danielle is in a pinch when her friends all end up in different classes leaving her to navigate a new social order and maybe find some new friends.  It does not start well so when Danielle inherits a magical sketchbook that can bring images to life she draws a new best friend in Madison.  It’s easy enough to create a magical best friend but relationships are tricky and Danielle needs to learn to keep that friendship. Oh, and there’s the head of her favourite cartoon villain that she also drew in the sketchbook come to life making things difficult.
Juvenile Graphic Novel
Hardcover pr2043750
Paperback pr2043751

Marvel 2-in-1, Vol. 1: Fate of the Four by Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung

The Fantastic Four have been out of the Marvel universe for a few years now and while Marvel is putting the full band back together soon, Chip Zdarsky gets to start the fun in Marvel 2-in-one.  The Thing and the Human Torch are adrift without the rest of the family but when Doctor Doom gifts the Thing with a message from Mr. Fantastic the two set out to find the rest of Marvel’s first family. 


Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2046746

Laid Back Camp, Vol. 1 by Afro

Headed out on a solo camping trip Rin Shima unexpectedly encounters the energetic new girl in town, Nadeshiko Kagamihara.  With Nadeshiko being just a little but lost, Rin invites her to the campsite looking out over Mt. Fuji.  So begins the camping adventures of Rin, Nadeshiko and their friends from school.  Credited with launching an uptick in interest in camping in Japan, Laid-Back Camp is a pleasant slice-of-life manga about enjoying the great outdoors.

Young Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2368015



  Cloud Hotel by Julian Hanshaw

Remco knows he is special.  After a weird encounter with a light in the sky he can transfer himself to and from the Cloud Hotel, a mysterious and largely deserted hotel surrounded by clouds.  Normal life back home isn’t going great right now and Remco prefers to spend his time in the Cloud Hotel but you can’t stay forever in the Cloud Hotel and Remco has overstayed his welcome.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1305323



 The Jetsons by Jimmy Palmiotti

DC continues its line of adaptations of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons with the Jetsons updating the class sci-fi family with modern sensibilities.  The whole family is there from George to Elroy along with Rosie and Astro but updated to reflect a more modern mindset.  While brilliant scientist Jane Jetson contends with potential disaster by asteroid, capable mechanic George Jetson and the kids contend with life planet side and potential danger from under the seas.  The Jetsons is another fun in a series of interesting adaptations.

Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2049585


Manfried the Man by Caitlin Major and Kelly Bastow

In a hilarious reversal, the roles of cats and humans are upturned, leaving humanoid felines in charge of tiny, dimwitted little man-pets. Manfried is a stray man taken in by Steve Catson. Life’s not necessarily going great for the slacker cat, but, with Manfried to keep him company, Steve can get by. Until a left-open window allows the little man to run away and both Steve and Manfried realize they are capable of more than they thought.

 Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1305352



 Algeria is Beautiful Like America by Olivia Burton and Mahi Grand

Olivia Burton had always heard stories of Algeria from her relatives who emigrated to France after the Algerian War of Independence. The tales of a wealthy land owning family were fascinating when she was a child, but, as Olivia grew up, she understood that the stories were not necessarily reflective of reality. So, with a single phone number of a contact in Algeria, she sets off to Algeria on her own to understand her origins.

 Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2050143



 Cucumber Quest: The Ripple Kingdom by Gigi D.G.

Cucumber is on a quest to save Dreamside; unfortunately he’s not all that inclined to the heroics necessary to save the seven kingdoms, as he's more suited to the life of a geeky magician. Luckily, his way more heroic sister is along for the journey. Can two bunny siblings stop the Nightmare Knight and defeat the evil queen? Sure... anything’s possible.
Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr1305388
Paperback pr1305389

Young Frances by Hartley Lin

Insomniac law clerk Francis Scarland is mostly looking for a good night’s sleep but after being recruited by her firm’s most enigmatic partner she seems poised for serious career advancement- whether she wants it or not.  Being caught in the no man’s ground between management and the staff is tough enough but when her best friend decides to move to LA to pursue an acting career the pressure gets ratcheted up on Frances and she must decide if the firm is where she wants to be. Young Frances is an intimate study of the pressures of everyday life.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2061683


  Kabul Disco: How I Managed Not to be Abducted in Afghanistan by Nicholas Wild

Being a broke cartoonist is a tough life so when Nicholas Wild receives an e-mail advertising a paid job he jumps at the chance. The only issue is the job is in Afghanistan working for an NGO making educational materials for the new government.  With limited resources, a collection of oddball ex-pats and the chance of being taken hostage Nicholas explores the differences between cultures in this graphic travelogue of his time in Kabul.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr1306073



 All the Answers by Michael Kupperman

Joel Kupperman was one of the most famous children in America during World War II as one of the young geniuses on the series Quiz Kids but the fame was always an odd fit for the reserved boy.  Pressured into entertainment by his mother, loved by America as the adorable young math whiz, then ultimately rejected and derided as America moved on, Joel Kupperman’s past loomed over his life and his children’s.  Now Joel is slipping into dementia and his son, Michael, aims to trace his father’s life, as much to answer questions about his own childhood as his father’s. All the Answers is a moving memoir about mid-century celebrity culture and the effects it has on its child stars.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2039009

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