Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel, Art & Adaptation by Renee Nault

A striking graphic novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel that features gorgeous art by Renee Nault.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2674563 

War Bears by Margaret Atwood & Ken Steacy

With the importation of American colour comics blocked by rationing during World War II Canada briefly experienced a boom in domestic comic production, called the Canadian Whites.  In War Bears, Atwood takes a look back at this golden age of Canadian comics through the fictional Alain Zurakowski and his creation of Oursonette.  Although popular during the war, Alain knows the good times won’t last as the end of rationing means the return of the full colour American comics.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2661783 

Apocalypse Taco by Nathan Hale

On a late-night food run for a high school theater crew Sid, Axl and Ivan find themselves in a sinister alien world that resembles their hometown but off. Like really off.  Like pizza boxes with tentacles, bug based automobiles and copies of themselves that are not even close to right off even. Desperate to escape, they realize it all started when they stopped off at an unusual fast food joint, Apocalypse Taco...

Juvenile Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2702749

Off Season by James Sturm

Set in the wake of the 2016 American election, Off Season is a story of anger, depression, separation and parenthood far away from the politics of Washington in an ordinary family dealing with the fallout both personal and political. Off Season is a riveting story of a single father adrift.

Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2693924 

Fantastic Four, Vol. 1: Fourever by Dan Slott, Illustrated by Sara Pichelli

After a few years absence the first family of the Marvel universe is back together and ready for adventure. It’s been a few years since the Future Foundation set off to explore the multiverse in the wake of the Secret Wars and Johnny Storm and the Thing are coming to grips with the fact that they may be gone forever until a sign appears in the sky. It’s time to reunite the family and set off on adventure once again.

Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2702743 

Hicotea: A Nightlights Story by Lorena Alvarez

A gorgeous looking follow up to Nightlights sees the return of Sandy in another adventure. Wandering away from her classmates during a field trip Sandy finds herself transported to a magical world filled with sculptures, books, and paintings. One painting is incomplete however and Sandy sets to helping the enigmatic Hicotea complete the collection.

Juvenile Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2623615

New Kid by Jerry Craft

Jordan Banks loves drawing cartoons about his life and hanging out with his friends on the block but his normal life is interrupted when his parents enroll him in a prestigious private school where Jordan is on of the few kids of color in his entire grade.   Their intentions are right but Jordan finds himself not really fitting in at the private school but also separated from his old friends from the neighbourhood.  Can Jordan make it work being the new kid?

Juvenile Graphic Novel
Hardcover pr2157015
Paperback pr2692183


The Giver by Lois Lowry, Illustrated by P. Craig Russell

Lois Lowry’s modern classic is given a beautiful art treatment in this graphic novel adaptation of the dystopian novel.  Young Jonas is assigned to be the receiver of memory, the bearer of the memories of the world before the community.  The normal job is to use the knowledge to advise the elders but instead reveals to Jonas a colorless world of uniformity and conformity as the world he had believed in is revealed to be less than the utopia it seemed to be leaving Jonas to choose to accept the world as it is or to try and change it.

Young Adult Hardcover Graphic Novel pr2723830

Modern Fantasy by Rafer Roberts & Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy operates on a simple premise, take the fantasy world of a typical Dungeons & Dragons game and mash it together with the modern world of office job drudgery and shopping malls creating a world where Cleric’s replace doctor’s and in the next cubicle over is a barbarian preparing reports. Of course, it’s still a fantasy world so when a powerful gem falls into the hands of a dangerous cult (that operates out of a shopping mall) it is time for a quest to save the world.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2157045


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