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Freedom: How We Lose it and How We Fight Back

By Nathan Law

Hardcover: pr6571957

Pub Date: Dec 2021

A timely manifesto on freedom from Hong Kong's leading pro-democracy activist Nathan Law, a Nobel Prize nominee.

In this dispatch from exile, Hong Kong political activist Nathan Law explores the meaning of freedom - and shows how easily freedoms can be eroded or dismantled. Freedom is fragile--it is not a given, and each generation must fight to protect it, whether in emerging democracies or in the Western world, where freedom is too often taken for granted.

Rooted in his own experience as a former elected official and student leader of the Umbrella Movement, Law explores not just how important freedom is in principle for human beings to thrive, but how it is put into practice

The City of Mist

By Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Hardcover: pr6613772
Paperback: pr6613775

Pub Date: Nov 2021

Return to the mythical Barcelona library known as the Cemetery of Forgotten Books in this posthumous collection of stories from the NYT bestselling author of The Shadow of the Wind and The Labyrinth of the Spirits.

Bestselling author Carlos Ruiz Zafón conceived of this collection of stories as an appreciation to the countless readers who joined him on the extraordinary journey that began with The Shadow of the Wind. Comprising eleven stories, most of them never before published in English, The City of Mist offers the reader compelling characters, unique situations, and a gothic atmosphere reminiscent of his beloved Cemetery of Forgotten Books quartet.

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The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future

By Stephen Marche

Hardcover: pr6610330

Pub Date: Jan 2022

Ezra Klein’s Why We’re Polarized meets Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us in this deeply researched work of speculative nonfiction that takes a fiercely divided America and imagines five chilling scenarios that lead to its collapse, based on in-depth interviews with a range of experts—published on the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

On a small two-lane bridge in a rural county that loathes the federal government, the US Army uses lethal force to end a stand-off with hard-right militias, or anti-government patriots. Inside an ordinary diner, a disaffected young man with a handgun takes aim at the American president stepping in for impromptu photo-op, and a bullet splits the hyper-partisan country into violently opposed mourners and revelers. In New York City, a category 2 hurricane plunges entire neighborhoods underwater and creates millions of refugees overnight—a blow that comes on the heels of a devastating financial crash and years of catastrophic droughts, and tips America over the edge into ruin.

These nightmarish scenarios are just three of the five possibilities most likely to spark devastating chaos in the United States that are brought to life in The Next Civil War. Drawing upon sophisticated predictive models and nearly two hundred interviews with experts—military leaders, law enforcement officials, agricultural specialists, environmentalists, war historians, and political scientists—journalist Stephen Marche predicts the terrifying future collapse that so many of us do not want to see unfolding in front of our eyes. Marche has spoken with soldiers and counter-insurgency experts about what it would take to control the population of the United States, and the battle plans for the next civil war have already been drawn up. And not by novelists. By colonels.

No matter your political leaning, most of us can see America is barreling toward catastrophe—of one kind or another. Relevant and revelatory, The Next Civil War plainly breaks down the looming threats to America and is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of its people, its land, and its government.

Minecraft: Mob Squad

By Delilah S. Dawson

Hardcover: pr6313091

Pub Date: Sep 2021

Come with the Mob Squad on an amazing adventure through the Overworld in this official Minecraft novel!

When a mysterious mob sneaks past the village of Cornucopia’s defenses, the village is in huge trouble. Finally faced with the adventure she’s always want-ed, Mal and her friends defy the rules their elders have always followed and set out beyond the wall for the first time…

On their journey across the Overworld, they discover wonders they’ve never dreamed of and dangers they’ve never imagined. To save the day, they’ll have to prove they’re more than bad apples. They’re the Mob Squad!

Ages 10+

Midnight Magic

By Avi

Paperback: pr6434269

Pub Date: Nov 2021

Reintroducing a bestselling, magical medieval mystery from Newbery Medalist, Avi!

The release of this delightful page-turning adventure in Scholastic's esteemed Gold paperback line builds anticipation for a thrilling third book in the Midnight Magic trilogy, coming in 2022!

Night after night, a ghost appears in the royal castle of Pergamontio, terrifying the princess. Mangus the Magician doesn't believe in ghosts, but still the King charges him with finding this one and freeing his daughter from its torment. If he can't, Mangus will pay with his life. The magician's only hope is his faithful, street-smart servant boy, Fabrizio, who must solve the mystery of the ghost using logic and reason - and a bit of magic of his own.

Ages 8 to 12

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