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Caillou: Everything Will Be Fine: A Story About Viruses

By Christine L'Heureux

Paperback: pr5937737

Pub Date: Jun 2020


Caillou is at day care playing dinosaurs with his friends, when their caregiver tells them something very important: a new sickness is going around. Caillou learns that the best way to protect himself from the virus is to stay at home and wash his hands a lot. Adapting to a new daily routine can be challenging, but Caillou discovers that he can still have fun! With a little help from technology,he stays in touch with Grandma and his friends.

Illustrator Eric Sevigny was born in Montreal, QC.

Ages 3 to 6

Love, Creekwood: A Simonverse Novel


By Becky Albertalli

Hardcover: pr5882510

Pub Date: Jun 2020


Fall in love all over again with the characters from the bestselling 'Simonverse' novels in this highly anticipated epilogue novella. Perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, the movie 'Love, Simon', and the new Hulu series spin-off, 'Love, Victor'!

Ages 14+


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Who is Alex Trebek?: A Biography

By Lisa Rogak

Hardcover: pr5705556

Pub Date: Jul 2020

After a contestant wrote “We love you, Alex!” as his Final Jeopardy! answer, fans around the world quickly chimed in to proclaim their own love and support for beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. In the wake of his devastating cancer diagnosis, the moment provided the perfect opportunity to reflect on what the show ― and the man – meant to them.

It was no surprise, since millions of devoted viewers have long considered Alex Trebek to be a part of their daily lives ever since he began hosting the show in 1984. Now, bestselling biographer Lisa Rogak gives readers a look at Trebek's early life, his career, and his personal life throughout the years, drawing on many sources to tell his full story for the first time.

There are many surprises, like the fact that Trebek was almost 50 when he discovered that he had a half brother, as well as the revelation that for a short time he actually dreamed of becoming a priest. The native Canadian also struggled with depression after the failure of his first marriage, and for years afterward he despaired of ever having a family of his own until he met the woman who would become his soulmate.

Who Is Alex Trebek? is the first biography of the much-loved game show host, and as such, celebrates the man who has created a remarkable legacy that will live on in popular culture for generations to come.

The Answer Is...: Reflections on My Life

By Alex Trebek

Hardcover: pr5897705
Audio CD: pr5903404

Pub Date: Jul 2020

Longtime Jeopardy! host and television icon Alex Trebek reflects on his life and career.

Since debuting as the host of Jeopardy! in 1984, Alex Trebek has been something like a family member to millions of television viewers, bringing entertainment and education into their homes five nights a week. Last year, he made the stunning announcement that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. What followed was an incredible outpouring of love and kindness. Social media was flooded with messages of support, and the Jeopardy! studio received boxes of cards and letters offering guidance, encouragement, and prayers.

For over three decades, Trebek had resisted countless appeals to write a book about his life. Yet he was moved so much by all the goodwill, he felt compelled to finally share his story. “I want people to know a little more about the person they have been cheering on for the past year,” he writes in The Answer Is…: Reflections on My Life.

The book combines illuminating personal anecdotes with Trebek’s thoughts on a range of topics, including marriage, parenthood, education, success, spirituality, and philanthropy. Trebek also addresses the questions he gets asked most often by Jeopardy! fans, such as what prompted him to shave his signature mustache, his insights on legendary players like Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer, and his opinion of Will Ferrell’s Saturday Night Live impersonation. The book uses a novel structure inspired by Jeopardy!, with each chapter title in the form of a question, and features dozens of never-before-seen photos that candidly capture Trebek over the years.

This wise, charming, and inspiring book is further evidence why Trebek has long been considered one of the most beloved and respected figures in entertainment.


By Peter May

Paperback: pr5897763

Pub Date: Jun 2020

Written 15 years ago but never published because of its far-fetched premise, this prescient, suspenseful thriller is set against a backdrop of a capital city in quarantine, and explores human experience in the grip of a killer virus.

A city in quarantine. A murdered child. A powerful conspiracy. D.I. Jack MacNeil is sent to investigate, but sinister forces are tracking his every move, prepared to kill again to conceal the truth. Which will stop him first - the virus or the killers?

Check out the following review in The Guardian.


The Girl Beneath the Sea: A Thriller

By Andrew Mayne

Paperback: pr5550560
Audio CD: pr5551708

Pub Date: May 2020

For a Florida police diver, danger rises to the surface in an adventurous thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Naturalist.

Coming from scandalous Florida treasure hunters and drug smugglers, Sloan McPherson is forging her own path, for herself and for her daughter, out from under her family's shadow. An auxiliary officer for Lauderdale Shores PD, she's the go-to diver for evidence recovery. Then Sloan finds a fresh kill floating in a canal - a woman whose murky history collides with Sloan's. Their troubling ties are making Sloan less a potential witness than a suspect. And her colleagues aren't the only ones following every move she makes. So is the killer.

Stalked by an assassin, pitted against a ruthless cartel searching for a lost fortune, and under watch within her ranks, Sloan has only one ally: the legendary DEA agent who put Sloan's uncle behind bars. He knows just how deep corruption runs - and the kind of danger Sloan is in. To stay alive, Sloan must stay one step ahead of her enemies - both known and unknown - and a growing conspiracy designed to pull her under.

The Decent Inn of Death: A John Madden Mystery

By Rennie Airth

Paperback: pr4719546

Pub Date: Jan 2020


"[Airth's] meticulously detailed procedural mysteries are beautifully written... well worth reading, and rereading” - Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times.

On a trip into Winchester, former chief inspector Angus Sinclair learns of a tragedy that has taken place in the village he is staying in. Beloved church organist Greta Hartmann has slipped and fallen to her death in a shallow creek, and while investigations conclude it to be an accident, her friend and housemate, Vera, remains unconvinced. |

Snowed in at a country manor, former Scotland Yard inspectors John Madden and Angus Sinclair find themselves trapped in the company of a murderer.


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