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The Apology

By Eve Ensler

Hardcover: pr2699773

Pub Date: May 2019

From Eve Ensler, author of one of the most influential works of the twentieth century—The Vagina Monologues—and one of Newsweek's "150 Women Who Changed the World," comes a powerful, life-changing examination of abuse and atonement.

The Apology, written by Eve from her father's point of view in the words she longed to hear, attempts to transform the abuse she suffered with unflinching truthfulness, compassion, and an expansive vision for the future. Remarkable and original, this is an acutely transformational look at how, from the wounds of sexual abuse, we can begin to re-emerge and heal. It is revolutionary, asking everything of each of us: courage, honesty, and forgiveness.

The Woman in the Blue Cloak


By Deon Meyer

Hardcover: pr3693985

Pub Date: May 2019

Early on a May morning in the depth of South Africa's winter, a woman's naked body, washed in bleach, is discovered on a stone wall beside the N2 highway at the top of Sir Lowry's Pass, some thirty-five miles from Cape Town…

The Woman in the Blue Cloak is a compact jewel of a thriller, filled with Deon Meyer's earthy dialogue, clever plotting, and the memorable characters that have peopled all of Deon Meyer's award-winning novels.

One Good Deed


By David Baldacci

Hardcover: pr3862279
Large Print: pr3862295
Large Print: pr3862287

Pub Date: Jul 2019

#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his next blockbuster

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