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The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality

By Blake Harris

Hardcover: pr2056378

Pub Date: Feb 2019


From the bestselling author of Console Wars, comes the dramatic, larger-than-life true story behind the founding of Oculus and its quest for virtual reality. Drawing on over a hundred interviews with the key players driving this revolution, The History of the Future weaves together a rich, cinematic narrative that captures the breakthroughs, breakdowns and human drama of trying to change the world.

Print Run: 100,000

Death of an Eye


By Dana Stabenow

Hardcover: pr2708395
Paperback: pr2758132

Pub Date: Dec 2018

Alexandria, 47BCE: Cleopatra shares the throne with her brother Ptolemy under the auspices of Julius Caesar, by whom Cleopatra is heavily pregnant with child. A shipment of new coin meant to reset the shaky Egyptian economy has been stolen, the Queen's Eye has been murdered and Queen Cleopatra turns to childhood friend Tetisheri to find the missing shipment and bring the murderer to justice.

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