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All LBI MARC Records will conform to appropriate descriptive cataloguing rules for monographs and serials as outlined in the relevant Chapters of AACR2, 2002 Revision. Access points will be checked against Library of Congress Name and Subject Authorities.

In all cases, appropriate cataloguing copy will be used in order to create original MARC records when complete or incomplete cataloguing copy for an item cannot be found. Complete and incomplete cataloguing copy will be slightly modified to include 082 information and relevant 5XX note information if not included in the MARC record.

Cataloguing data is prepared in a machine-readable format that is consistent with international standards. We use the current North American standard coding, MARC21, in the cataloguing of all our records. We provide all appropriate fields, indicators, and subfields, as well as the fixed-field 008 information that is relevant to the proper description of an item.

Cataloguing and Classification Practices

Library Bound's principal source of MARC records is The Library Corporation's Cataloguing software ITS For Windows, which includes updated CD-ROM datasets (including Library of Congress Bibliographic and Authority records and records from the National Library of Canada). Library Bound also subscribes to OCLC's WebDewey and LC's Cataloguer's Desktop software, so that the cataloguing staff has access to the most up-to-date cataloguing tools. Dewey exceptions identified by each Library will be incorporated into their profile.


For all processed items of any medium, fiction or non-fiction:
  • We catalogue all materials in conformity with the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed., 2002 Revision.
  • We provide Level II bibliographic description.
  • We provide appropriate headings and access points.
  • We use Library of Congress Name authorities for name headings and relevant Canadian Name headings.
  • We provide local holdings fields (090, 092, 099, 850, 852, 949) from which spine labels are generated. And specifically for all non-fiction processed items of any medium.
  • We provide Library of Congress subject headings.
  • We classify our products using Dewey Decimal Classification, 22nd edition. (as of July 1, 2003, DDC 22 will be implemented and any changes noted).
  • DDC numbers will include appropriate subdivisions.