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Library Bound Inc. provides acquisition services for print, video, dvd, and audio products. We have expert personnel in each of these areas.  Materials are available through order lists, catalogues, and supplements. Orders can be placed by hard copy, or in electronic format.

To effectively manage the ordering, delivery, and budget processes associated with acquiring library material, we offer support services that will assist our customers, including:

Library Profile
Inclusion of custom features such as special ordering profiles designed specifically for your account.

System Integration
Ensuring the compliance of all electronic formats that are required for local system integration.

Selection Services
Subject, Reference, and Children's lists for collection development are available. We are also able to assist in the set-up and on-going development of core video and music collections.

Custom Web Ordering Applications
Library Bound works with the library to create custom web ordering  applications to expidite the ordering processes based on library specific criteria.