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Call the Midwife, Season 13

DVD: av7699283

Season 13 has kept us very entertained with some gripping storylines and we're not just talking about Matthew and Trixies struggles. Newcomer Joyce, Highlands closet full of skeletons also came spilling out when estranged husband Sylvester came knocking on Nonnatus' door in the guise of being her cousin.

Nowhere Special

DVD: av7750075
 Blu-ray: av7750076

John, a 35-year-old window cleaner, devotes his life to raising his four-year-old son Michael, as the child's mother left them immediately after his birth. Their life is a simple one, made up of universal daily rituals, a life of complete dedication and innocent love that reveals the strength of their relationship. However, John only has a few months to live. Since he has no family to turn to, he will spend the days left to him looking for a new and perfect one to adopt Michael.

Death in Paradise, Season 13

DVD: av7699271
Indulge in the latest season of the beloved sun-soaked murder mystery, Death in Paradise. Join DI Neville Parker and his team as they solve intriguing crimes on the idyllic Saint Marie. With new and returning faces, including a 100th episode celebration and a surprising enemy, this season is filled with twists and turns. Don't miss out on the warm-hearted and light-hearted whodunnit.

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