Almost Brown by Charlotte Gill

The BC based author of Eating Dirt returns with a look at the myriad complexities of life within a multicultural household.

Exploring issues of diversity, ancestry and the historical concept of race, Gill’s memoir of her globe-trotting and dysfunctional family is both hilarious and heartwarming, in a non-saccharine way. This is also a look at how our relationships with our parents change as we grow older, about forgiveness and mending relationships after the fall-out of divorce. Gill is a deceptively skillful writer with a style that’s subtle to the point that it’s easy to miss just how good she is. For readers of The Glass Castle and Educated, besides those interested in diversity and multicultural issues.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr7072536

 Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane

Deeply rooted racism in South Boston is explored in this excellent crime drama set in the blistering hot summer of 1974, on the eve of forced desegregation when a 17 year old girl disappears after the murder of a young Black man.

Author and Boston native Lehane’s early work (Gone, Baby, Gone and Mystic River, most notably) quickly endeared him to readers of modern noir. After Hollywood came calling, he began to publish less frequently and explored other genres (Shutter Island, Since We Fell) while doing a lot of writing for TV (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire). His early fans will be thrilled to have Lehane back writing in the manner that made his reputation, with themes of violence, vengeance, racism and poverty. I’d be surprised if a movie version isn’t already being planned.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6925404

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