All the Sinners Bleed by S.A. Cosby

A Black sheriff in a small town in the South grappling with his own personal traumas, is faced with a school shooting that leads to the discovery of other local murders.

The author of Razorblade Tears gives us a dark story about how all sins must be reckoned with, in time, one way or another.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6943608

 Fire Weather: The Making of a Beast by John Vaillant

An incendiary look at the Fort McMurray fire that caused the largest civic evacuation in Canadian history.

Vaillant combines history, science and environmental background with an account of the infamous fire, that reads like a thriller, despite an ending we’re already familiar with. An astonishingly informative and frightening look at the changing nature of fire, particularly in the increasingly arid west.

I can’t imagine a better winner for this year’s Canada Reads, with its theme of “one book to shift your perspective;” it’s extremely unfortunate that this book, which will be published in May, was not eligible for consideration. Forget what you think you know about fire, resource extraction and climate change and read this book.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6946760

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