Tell Me Pleasant Things: Stories by Lindsay Wong

The most surprising and original book I’ve read in ages.

Gloriously perverse and wonderfully weird. I’m reluctant to elaborate because I think the best way to approach this book is as I did, with zero advance knowledge or expectations. I started reading it on the train to OLA and had grabbed it simply because I had an advance copy laying around, liked the cover, and thought that short stories would be well suited to the trip. And then, whoa!

From the author of The Woo Woo, a Dewey Diva pick and Canada Reads finalist.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6665889

 The Longest Suicide: The Authorized Biography of Art Bergmann by Jason Schneider

Possibly the most unlikely recipient of the Order of Canada, our nation’s punk poet laureate has been shaking up the music scene here for half a century.

Largely unheralded, known by some solely for his roles in Hard Core Logo and Highway 61, Bergmann helped lay the foundations of the Vancouver punk scene in the 70s, playing in and leading bands like The K-Tels, Young Canadians, the Mount Lehman Grease Band and Los Popularos, along with solo work. Kitchener author Jason Schneider (Whispering Pines) has delivered a resonant deep dive into an important but little known chapter of Canadian music and cultural history.

Adult Non-Fiction Paperback pr6732579

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