Dickens and Prince: A Particular Kind of Genius by Nick Hornby

Novelist and screenwriter Hornby (About a Boy, An Education) explores creativity through the parallels between two cultural giants.

What might first seem an odd pairing quickly becomes as delicious as chocolate and peanut butter in Hornby’s telling. At 192 pages, this feels something like an extended magazine feature, but it’s a fun, while informative, read. The copyright battles that Dickens fought had me howling with laughter at times, while the extreme productivity both he and Prince shared was inspirational, despite being almost absurdly daunting.

Very much a love letter to two artists that Hornby describes as “My People – the people I have thought about a lot, over the years, the artists who have shaped me, inspired me, made me think” - it’s apt to lead you to reflect on those who play a similar role in your own life.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6730520

Wake: A Novel by Shelley Burr

A debut crime thriller set in the Australian outback, where the unsolved disappearance of a nine year old girl still haunts an isolated community two decades later.

While the plot doesn’t break new ground, the location and characters are brilliantly rendered. Not wanting to give any spoilers, I’ll simply note that this is unlikely to become a Disney or Hallmark movie. On the other hand, readers of noir or Jane Harper, who appreciate realistic characters and outcomes, will find much to enjoy here.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6646352

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