Transformer: A Story of Slitter, Glam Rock & Loving Lou Reed by Simon Doonan

A love letter to Lou Reed’s breakthrough album Transformer, on its 50th anniversary.

In archived material, Reed explained that he made Transformer because he thought it was "dreary for gay people to have to listen to straight people's love songs." TV personality and Drag author Doonan explores the effect this album had on him, and the greater LGBTQ+ community, along with Reed's career before and after.

The charm of this book is all in the writing: it's simply a fun, fabulous read. Regardless of what your sexual orientation or pronouns might be, and whether or not you like Reed's music, Doonan is wildly entertaining (while being slying informing) in a charming life of the party sort of way. A great addition to the already sizable Warhol/Reed/Velvet Underground/glam rock cultural canon.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6730838

Small Game: A Novel by Blair Braverman

A survival reality TV show set in undisclosed wilderness goes horribly wrong.

In her fiction debut, Braverman shows uncommon skill at writing on the fine line between literary fiction and popular, commercial suspense. If this was a Netflix series, you'd binge it.

After a brilliant memoir (Welcome to the Goddamned Ice Cube) and feel good photo essay book (Dogs on the Trail) along with a steady output of journalism (Outside, NYT, This American Life, Vogue) it's starting to look like there's nothing Braverman can't do.Note: while not based on her experience, Braverman’s own participation on the show Naked and Afraid, helped inform this novel).

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6716978

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