The Twilight World: A Novel by Werner Herzog

Filmmaker Herzog’s first novel reimagines the life of Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier ordered to hold a small island in the Philippines during WWII, who continued an imaginary war for 29 years after the end of the conflict.

At 132 pages, all of this is lightly sketched in impressionistic scenes, which seem perfectly suited to the unusual, but true, story. Herzog was able to meet Onoda after his re-emergence from the jungle, which inspired this book. While it’s easy to imagine this being turned into a film, the book is quite perfect on its own, slight as it is.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6572254

Scenes From My Life: A Memoir by Michael K. Williams 

A raw, unflinching memoir by the dancer turned model then actor best known for his role as Omar in The Wire.

Williams overcame poverty, abuse and addiction, crediting a life in the arts as his saviour. Addiction continues to plague him at times throughout his career, despite or because of his success (the storyline on S2 of The Wire meant that he had less work to do, while being paid more: an addict’s recipe for disaster). Williams writes about his need to unlearn the “macho code” of a black man growing up in the projects, and the consequences of always suppressing one’s feelings. While his early demise means we’ll never see him again, his work towards the end of his life to bring others up out of poverty and addiction through his nonprofit, Making Kids Win, might well be the greater loss.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6710625

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