Only If We're Caught by Theressa Slind

A debut collection of quirky, wide ranging and darkly comic stories from a Saskatoon Public Library branch manager. I strongly encourage other librarians to take this home themselves, especially for “Crypsis.”

Adult Fiction Paperback pr6315350



The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future by Stephen Marche

Novelist and cultural critic Marche outlines potential scenarios for the next US civil war, arguing that the nation’s “collapse will arrive sooner and more suddenly than anyone expects.”

The brilliance here is how speculation is backed up with current and recent events to show how little imagination is actually required for the nightmarish situations portrayed. This book is enough to turn you into a prepper that  bugs out to some isolated safe place. Unfortunately, thanks to climate change and social unrest, safe places are becoming nothing more than a fantasy. While this book is speculative, a fantasy it is not. Easily the most horrifying book I’ve read in years.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr6610330

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