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Written by Anna Gillespie   
Services - Processing

Our team of highly skilled processors is ready to meet the needs of your library. Our goal is to provide customers with shelf-ready products that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. From the basics of a book, to the complexities of an ESL Language Kit, our processors are trained in the latest and most creative ways to protect and display your product.

Dust Jackets - Library Bound's dust jackets are taped to the book, protecting the outer sleeve.

Security Strips - The world of library security has a number of different options. Our processors have extensive experience working with both Checkpoint® and 3M Tattletape® materials. Whichever media type needs to be protected from theft, Library Bound can make sure your product is secure.

Spine Labels - Our custom made Spine labels are created based on the Call Number assignment during the cataloguing process.

Barcodes - We can attach a generic or smart barcode label to each item. Our revolutionary Smart Barcodes are custom-made, and have a number of options for you. Aside from the title on the barcode, we can also tailor your labels to contain the call number, the date, or other options. Also, each machine readable barcode comes with a matching eye-readable barcode for secondary placement if necessary.

Processing A/V Items - We have a number of different options to house audio visual materials. From a basic video or audio case, to a multimedia case that houses a number of different media types, we can figure out a way to package even the most complex of items. With the wide range of products available, please contact Cheryl Gatenby to discuss different AV packaging options.

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