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Library Bound has been working exclusively with public libraries in Canada since 1993. We have never diversified from this role and we believe that this focus makes us a frontrunner in the hearts of the library community. We strive to achieve excellent customer service, and we go the extra mile to provide excellent customer support. We are a team of specialists, and each program/department at LBI has an assigned key contact.

Since 1993, outsourcing with Cataloguing and Processing services has been our primary focus. We started and named Automatic Release Programs (ARPs), we developed and named Smart Barcodes, we developed and named Smart Covers, and we will strive to excel with even more innovative products and services in the future.

In 2001, we looked west to grow our business, mainly starting as a reliable A/V vendor. It didn’t take long to move into print, and as Library Bound grew, we opened a facility in Burnaby. We are the only library wholesaler in Canada that has been able to successfully sustain two processing sites in different provinces.

Our two sites are quite interdependent, and we have excelled because of the dedication, effort, and hard work of all of our staff to get the job done right. We have built a flexible automated structure to withstand the twists and turns of a changing industry. We understand libraries, and we want to do the job right the first time, saving time and money for both LBI and our customers.

The principals of LBI have over 90 years of experience in the library material wholesale industry. We feel that during our 17 years of operation, we have successfully been able to provide creative solutions for our customers.

Heather Bindseil (President and CEO) has been working with public libraries in the area of material acquisitions, cataloguing, and processing services since 1974. For the past 17 years, her experience in operations, sales, and marketing has enabled LBI to develop new markets and strategies while maintaining a strong business model that remains flexible and resilient enough to grow the business in the future.

Paul Clarke (Vice President) has been involved in the design of library materials management systems and workflow analysis since 1978 and is the architect of the information technologies in place at LBI. Paul has written detail specifications for library collection management systems for over a decade, and was active in preparing and negotiating IT contracts for both collection management and RFID material handling systems.

Duncan Hamilton (Chief Operating Officer) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of LBI. His 25 years experience in operations and work flow management have been critical to the efficient growth of LBI. Duncan has also been working with the sourcing of A/V products since 1983 and was instrumental in establishing LBI as the premier supplier of A/V material in the Canadian Public Library Market.

Ron Stadnik (Print Material Manager) has been working with libraries since 1984 and heads the selection services and catalogue production for LBI. Ron manages numerous print ARPs, and has prepared all collection development lists for LBI’s opening day projects. Ron also serves on the Ontario Readers’ Advisory Committee, the Kitchener Board for Word on the Street, and Waterloo Region’s One Book, One Community program.

Tracy Reid (Music and Video Games Coordinator) has been the go-to source for music and video games for over 10 years. Tracy’s efforts in growing the music supply business at LBI have resulted in direct purchasing arrangements with all of the major recording studios. In 2007, Tracy introduced video game service to LBI customers. She currently manages both firm orders and ARPs in both CD music and video game formats.

Jeff Irwin (Cataloguing and Database Administrator) has been in this role with LBI for over 10 years. Jeff has designed and implemented a comprehensive interface for the LBI Cataloguing System which emphasizes throughput while offering extensive local library specifications.

Matt Clarke (General Manager – LBI West) has been with LBI for over 10 years, and has headed up the Western office since its inception in 2004. Matt is well-versed in all aspects of LBI service and is also an integral part of LBI’s information systems group.