Feature Title

Ready to Come About


by Sue Williams

Paperback: pr2738897

May 2019

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Sue Williams’ and her husband David had always had a vague idea that he would cross an ocean. It was a distant retirement plan progressing slowly - they bought a boat, David took a few courses, researched, etc. For a number of reasons it became expedient to go soon – not in retirement. David wasn’t really ready for solo sailing, so Sue volunteered to go too. They would cross the Atlantic - Canada to Europe, Europe to the Caribbean. They researched, planned, knew what to expect and, as you might guess, they had no idea. Sue is extraordinarily good at describing catastrophes in hilarious ways and their trip afforded her many opportunities to hone this skill! Like when David had to dive under the boat, mid Atlantic. He was/is deathly afraid of sharks. She noticed a cut on his head and argued with herself between his dives, whether or not to tell him - the likelihood a shark would actually be close by, the speed a shark can swim, the duration the repair is likely to take, etc.

In the summer of 2020, COVID-19 travel restrictions will prevent Canadians from experiencing actual sailing passages abroad. It might be fun to read about Sue and David’s ultimately successful, extraordinary exploits in Canadian waters and crossing the Atlantic.      

 - Helen Wilding-Cook, Children's & YA Selection Specialist


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