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Greta and the Giants

By Zoë Tucker / Illus. by Zoe Persico

Paperback: pr5241340

Pub Date: Nov 2019

This inspiring picture book retells the story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg—the Swedish teenager who has led a global movement to raise awareness about the world’s climate crisis—using fantasy to make this important topic accessible to young children.
Greta is a little girl who lives in a beautiful forest threatened by Giants. When the Giants first came to the forest, they chopped down trees to make houses. Then they chopped down more trees and made even bigger homes. The houses grew into towns and the towns grew into cities, until now there is hardly any forest left. Greta knows she has to help the animals who live in the forest, but how? Luckily, Greta has an idea…
A section at the back explains that, in reality, the fight against the “giants” isn’t over and explains how you can help Greta in her fight. 

This book is printed sustainably in the US on 100% recycled paper. 3% of the cover price will be donated to 350.org, an environmental charity endorsed by Greta Thunberg. 

Ages 4 to 7

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