Razorblade Tears: A Novel by S. A. Cosby

What could easily be boilerplate crime fiction (two fathers join forces to avenge their sons’ murders) is elevated here, thanks to matters of race, setting, LGBTQ issues and rich character development.

African American ex-con Ike Randolph, and Buddy Lee Jenkins, a self proclaimed redneck, rejected their married sons in life. United in both grief and guilt after their violent deaths, this Virginia odd couple looks for vengeance in what transpires to be more than a simple hate crime. Crosby doesn’t preach, or beat the reader over the head with issues of race, class and homophobia, but they’re ever present and rolled out in a nuanced way. There’s enough action to please genre fans without turning off those with a more literary bent. Crosby, in this follow-up to Blacktop Wasteland, shows himself to be fully deserving of all the buzz he’s been getting over the last two years.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr6070507

Indigo: Arm Wrestling, Snake Saving, and Some Things in Between by Padgett Powell

Wide ranging essays and profile pieces collected over the last three decades, by the author of Edisto.

Powell writes about a championship arm wrestler, growing up in the segregated and newly integrated South, profiles writers including William Trevor and Flannery O’Connor, and the varieties of gumbo, complete with the best method to skin and clean squirrels. Powell is the sort of writer’s writer where it really doesn’t matter what subject he chooses to address: his way with words simply makes you happy to take the ride.

Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover pr5987565

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