The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld
Denfeld’s follow-up to The Child Finder, which the NYT Book Review described as “Deliverance encased in ice.”
Naomi Cottle is a private investigator in the Pacific NW with a haunting backstory who specializes in finding missing children. Taking place in present day Portland, Oregon, Naomi’s search for her own missing sister brings her into contact with a group of homeless children, including 12 year old Celia, who disassociates from her painful reality by seeing butterflies all around her. While the search for her sister is paramount, Naomi finds herself drawn in to the tragedy of children’s bodies surfacing in the waters around Portland. I’d not read The Child Finder, and you needn’t for this book to make sense, but I’ll be reading it next. Denfeld is great at building suspense, evoking a sense of place, understanding the contradictions found within most people and adept at leaving out a lot of the ridiculous tropes all too common in most commercial thrillers.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr3313018

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