The Black Jersey: A Novel by Jorge Zepeda Patterson
Someone is killing off professional cyclists during the Tour de France. Bicycling themed fiction is usually best left to fanatics, but this is far better than most and should appeal to a broader spectrum of general whodunnit readers. The cover art evokes the golden age of cycling and would look great on appropriate display shelving.
Zepeda has a background as an economist, journalist and has a doctorate in Political Science from the Sorbonne. His novel Milena won the prestigious Planeta Prizethe richest literary prize in the world, after the Nobel.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr2052930 

The River by Peter Heller
A literary thriller by the author of Celine and The Dog Stars, about a summer break wilderness canoe trip for two college students that goes disastrously wrong. This is a short, fast read that was gripping enough to read at home, sure to scare the bejeezus out of anyone that dares take it on their own wilderness adventure to read by the campfire. Both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal have lavished praise on Heller’s fourth novel; it’s currently got a four star average on Goodreads.

Adult Fiction Hardcover pr2660059

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