The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton

At a restaurant that mimics medieval times – medieval costumes, food and drinks, knights on horseback, jousting contests, etc. Kit Sweetly – a history geek - works waiting tables but she’s always wanted to be one of the knights. One evening, Kit secretly takes her brother’s place, and her friend films it. At the end – with a flourish - Kit pulls of her helmet. Her friend launches the footage on the internet and her views start climbing. Her friends start a website, sell stickers and other loot. Kit goes on local news and momentum keeps building. The problem is that the restaurant chain has a policy - only cisgender males can be knights. They support this discrimination with the argument that actual knights were men. Kit argues that they are living in the 21st century not – well – not medieval times.

This plotline of fighting discrimination is serious but not emotionally taxing, something readers might appreciate, in this COVID-19 spring season. The characters offer ethnic and gender diversity. It is a really fun, funny read and I was sad to finish the final page. I really miss Kit and her friends which suggests to me that it was skillfully written. 

Young Adult Fiction Hardcover pr5552491

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