Amber Fang: Hunted by Arthur Slade

Amber Fang studies to be a librarian with enthusiasm. In her spare time she plies her research skills to finding nefarious nearby targets – unrepentant murderers. Then she tracks and neutralizes them with detached precision. She is an enthusiastic student; a reluctant, obsessively ethical vampire; and a brilliant assassin. Her life is ordered and tidy but the research can be tedious. Socially she must keep to herself and discourage romantic entanglements. Also she has to relocate every few years – one can’t murder ALL of one’s nefarious neighbours without the local constabulary getting perturbed.

So, when Amber is offered an international assassination assignment of an infamous arms dealer (AKA unrepentant murderer) she accepts. Social exchanges longer than a few sentences ensue. An unconventional relationship blooms. Beautiful shoes are bought and lost. Amber’s interest in the world and curiosity about people is piqued. Amber Fang is courageous, clever, ethical, funny and Canadian (initially living in Montreal). There are a few Canadian jokes but there are a lot of librarian jokes. This book reads like the author was having a riot. Teenage and grown-up readers will too. I personally cannot wait for book two (Amber Fang: Betrayal) and three (Amber Fang: Revenge), both publishing in the Fall.    

Young Adult Fiction Paperback pr2690746

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