Hip & Hop in the House: A Free-flowing Tortoise and the Hare Collection by Matt Killeen

Hip the tortoise and Hop the hare both love to write rhymes and then say them to music (the story explains this as rapping). The text in Hip’s speech bubbles are red. The text in Hop’s speech bubbles are green. The author explains that when you see red words you should read slowly and green words should be read quickly. Hip raps so slowly that people lose interest. Hop raps so quickly that no one can follow her. The plot thickens from there, into two stories and one shorter “bonus mini-comic.” The rhymes and comic panels make the pages fly by, in this 80 page book. Children listening to this book with an adult, after some repetitions could transition into reading a few of the rhyming speech bubbles, which would be really fun for the adult and fledgling reader. The two stories are roughly the length of a picture book and quite funny as well. I think this book might engage some young listeners who are otherwise reluctant readers.

Picture Book Hardcover pr2103269

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