The Phantom Twin by Lisa Brown

Isabel is a former conjoined twin and circus freak; former because of the failure of an ambitious doctor when operating to separate Isabel from her sister, Jane, leading to Jane’s death. That hasn’t removed Jane from Isabel’s life however as Jane now haunts Isabel as a ghostly conjoined twin. The Phantom Twin is a haunting tale of forging one’s own path when one isn’t really alone.

Young Adult Graphic Novel Hardcover pr4669581 / Paperback pr4672492


A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 3: Northwest Residence by Katherna Vermette / Illus. by Scott B. Henderson

Echo Desjardins continues to slip back in forth in time, this time to 1885 and the North-West Resistance. Experiencing the turmoil of Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont’s resistance against the Canadian government first hand Echo gains new perspectives on where she came from and where she may be headed.

Young Adult Graphic Novel Hardcover pr3918400

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