Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen

A poignant tale about dealing with childhood loss and the emotional burdens it can bring. In the wake of a tragic loss Willow’s emotions are still raw making the calm and quiet of the woods near her home a welcoming refuge. One day while running away into the woods Willow finds Pilu, a lost tree spirit who can’t find her way back home. Offering to help Pilu, Willow journeys to find Pilu’s home and quite possibly herself.

Juvenile Graphic Novel
Hardcover pr2698869
Paperback pr2698872

The Pineapples of Wrath by Cathon

All is now well in the tiki town of Trois-Rivières. When a former limbo champion is found dead in her apartment amateur detective and mystery novel fan Marie-Pomme is determined to find her killer despite the police’s assertion that it’s merely a case of too much piña colada.

The Pineapples of Wrath is a fun little detective story and a loving tribute to tiki kitsch.

Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2620439

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