Batman: White Night by Sean Gordon Murphy

The tables are turned in this standalone Batman story as a cured Joker sets out to “save” Gotham from the masked vigilantes like Batman who seem to do more damage than they prevent while protecting the establishment.  This is an interesting take on the Batman mythos examining the relationship of superheroes to society they are trying to protect.

Young Adult Paperback Graphic Novel pr2081358



Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka

Jarrett J. Krosoczka of Lunch Lady and other fame, takes a look at his own troubled childhood in this powerful graphic memoir.  From the outset of Jarrett’s life things were not easy.  His father ran away before he was even born and his mother struggled with addiction and was largely out of his life in rehab and prison. Luckily, young Jarrett had a couple of caring, but opinionated, grandparents who raised him well enough.  Still, life was not normal, not the same as the other kids in school.  Hey Kiddo is the story of a kid learning to understand his families difficulties and ultimately using art to transcend them.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2157141
Paperback pr2157140

Caveboy Dave: Not So Faboo by Aaron Reynolds

Shaman Faboo is missing and on the horizon is a plume of smoke indicating that there may just be another village nearby.  In a panic the villagers of Bleccchh elect young Dave as their new leader and hijinks naturally ensue as Dave and friends try to find Shaman Faboo, see what’s up with that strange village and maybe just deal with the giant man eating bird in the sky.  Caveboy Dave: Not so Faboo is a fun follow up to the original.

Juvenile Graphic Novel 
Hardcover pr2094262
Paperback pr2073626


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